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Bag-in-Box Bags for Liquids

Bag-in-Box Bags for Liquids

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Bag-in-Box Bags for Liquids


  • Made of PA, PE, PET structure film of different combinations.
  • Have a unique additive, the metallocene polyethylene, mPE, thanks to which the bags can be fused even in difficult conditions.
  • Bags of different thicknesses, sizes, and structures are available.


Bag-in-Box is one of the ways to pack liquids. A bag, usually comprised of several layers, makes a basis for this packaging. This bag is usually placed into a carton box, thus making it a convenient packaging for liquids. Bag-in-Box bags for liquids are made of different PA, PE, PET film structure combinations. For the packing of different products, a structure most suitable in order to provide maximum protection from environmental factors and to ensure the product’s quality in the long term, is chosen.   We recommend for our clients the following structures: for wine—PET / METAL PET / PE  + PE; for juice, water, nutritional oil—PA / EVOH / PE + PE; for milk, condensed milk—PA / PE + PE; for ketchup, sauces, melange—PE / EVOH / PE + PE (for melange, gamma rays protection is recommended). Regardless of the recommendations, the client may choose any desired Bag-in-Box bag structure.

Our bags for liquids have a unique additive in its composition, the metallocene polyethylene, mPE. Thanks to this additive, bags for liquids can be fused perfectly even in difficult conditions where effects of salt, vinegar, or fat are present.

The packaging can be filled with both cool and hot (up to 90°C) liquid.  Bag-in-Box bags are made so that you will be able to empty out the content easily, thus reducing waste food. The use of the packaging is also made easier by special stoppers for different liquids.

Due to their great technical qualities, the bags are suitable for various liquids, such as water, juice, vine, syrup, melange, milk, condensed milk, ketchup, nutritional oil, ice-cream, cream, pastries, etc.

The usage of the packaging is simple: a bag is provided empty to the end user, then the user removes the stopper and fills the bag with liquid, and replaces the stopper. The product is packed successfully.

Why Choose Bag-in-Box Bags?

  • The packaging can hold a large amount of liquid.
  • Both empty and filled packaging is convenient for transportation.
  • The empty packaging weight is very small, as compared to other alternatives.
  • Oxygen cannot penetrate when partially opened.
  • Appealing price of the packaging.

Available Parameters

  • Capacity of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20... litres.
  • Bag structure for vine—PET / METAL PET / PE  + PE.
  •  Bag structure for juice, water, nutritional oil—PA / EVOH / PE + PE.
  • Bag structure for milk, condensed milk—PA / PE + PE.
  • Bag structure for ketchup, sauces, melange—PE / EVOH / PE + PE.
  • Regardless of the recommendations, the client may choose a Bag-in-Box bag structure, size, capacity, and stoppers that are most acceptable to him.
  • Gamma rays protection available.
This packaging is certified by the Normpack association’s certificate. This is to ensure that the production offered by us meets all the highest requirements for the materials used in contact with food applicable in Europe.


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