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Fresh Pack Nr.4 , 190 ml

Fresh Pack Nr.4 , 190 ml

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Fresh Pack containers are a reliable, well-rated, and suitable packaging solution for both large supermarkets and small shops, fast food restaurants, meat and fish production and processing establishments. The containers are perfectly suitable for packing salads, semi-finished products, curds, sour-cream, various meat, fish, seafood products.

Fresh Pack containers can be easily closed by using a special shape-frame. If you order a certain amount, we add the special shape ensuring exceptionally hermetic conditions FOR FREE. However, Fresh Pack containers can also be closed without using the special shape-frame. Containers are used at temperatures ranging from -18°С up to + 100°С.

Tray Sealer SSM400 quality packaging device will help you pack food products aesthetically and protect them from contact with the environment. The device has special shapes to insert a plastic container.  Products are put into containers manually, and the device fuses the film onto the container’s edges. The packed production looks attractive, the packaging is strong, so the product is protected better than in plastic boxes, covered only with a lid.

Today we can offer not only strong polypropylene containers with hermetic qualities and the special packing device, but also fusing film with PEEL (easy film peeling effect) or ANTIFOG (protection from fogging) function.

Why Choose the Fresh Pack containers?

  • Due to their wide edge, the Fresh Pack containers are exceptionally hermetic.
  • A wide container and lid edges protect the container from liquid spillage.
  • When using Fresh Pack containers, no secondary package is needed.
  • For both the client and the consumer, as they help to save time and money.
  • Appealing price of the packaging.


Available Parameters

  • Containers can be packed together with lids, several units together.
  • The packed containers can be with or without a label, as per the client’s request.
This packaging is certified by the Normpack association’s certificate. This is to ensure that the production offered by us meets all the highest requirements for the materials used in contact with food applicable in Europe.

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